IFA-100 可以测试各种类型光纤的折射率分布,并给出光纤轴向的 3D 分布式折射率分布,对于光纤拉锥工艺、熔接工艺、光纤合束器耦合器的制备、 高功率有源光纤的拉制具有指导意义。同时 IFA-100 可以测量光纤的应力和应变,光纤的几何参数,掺 Yb 光纤的增益剖面,光纤导模的相折射率、群折射率以及色散特性等。我们还提供光纤测量服务和咨询解决方案。



可测试splices, tapers, couplers 区域折射率分布,进而评估其波导结构;


The IFA-100 Optical Fiber Analyzer uses transverse interferometry to sample. The IFA-100 consists of four components:

 (1) the system unit, also termed the interferometer;

 (2) the motion control module; 

(3) the lightsource;

(4) the desktop personal computer. Graphical user interface (GUI) software executing on the computer permits

the operator to conveniently control the system unit, measure fibers, and analyze data.

A fiber sample containing a short region of bare (uncoated) fiber is loaded into the system unit. Depending on the settings of the GUI, the system unit will measure the refractive index and/or the residual stress and/or fiber geometry of the fiber sample.Measurements obtained with the IFA-100 can be saved as ascii data files that can by imported into a wide variety of other software packages and programming environments. Measurements can also be save in a proprietary binary format that can subsequently be reloaded into the GUI. In addition, Interfiber Analysis also offers

an optional Computational Module that permits refractive index data acquired by the IFA-100 to be used to compute properties of the guided mode(s) of the fiber sample.